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Do you speak Tomato?

  Sensors can identify dozens of stress signals from vegetable plants. What if vegetables could talk to signal that they were cold, thirsty, under attack by a pest or lacking a nutrient? Two entrepreneurs asked [...]

  • Technische Universität Darmstadt

Researchers at the TU Darmstadt are rethinking photosynthesis

Interdisciplinary project of biology as well as electrical engineering and information technology Photosynthesis is considered to be a well-researched process, and its functionality has been sufficiently examined through several centuries of research - one might [...]

The rise in fertilizer prices? You fight with bacteria

During the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2022 there were several startups whose focus is the optimization of nutrition. One of these, Encera, has selected bacteria capable of reducing the supply of nitrogen fertilizers Bacteria can [...]