Vivent SA, a pioneer in harnessing bio-signals, is a Swiss based, privately held company founded in 2012. We focus on improving health outcomes of people and plants and biomes by harnessing electrical signals unique to each individual or plant type.

Vivent is developing products and services for two distinct sectors.

The Medical Solutions division is developing products and services for researchers, health care providers and individuals, based on the recording of electrical signals emitted by individuals and the subsequent manipulation and playback of these signals.

The Plant Monitoring division is developing biosensors and related services for academic, agricultural and industrial plant researchers, professional plant growers and farmers in all types of growing environments, to grow higher quality crops more sustainably.


Vivent’s Team


Carrol Plummer


A Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from INSEAD with substantial knowledge of product development, launching new products, marketing and manufacturing…

Carrol Plummer, the Tech Enthusiast (P.Eng, BSc Mechanical Engineering, MBA INSEAD), brings to the Phytl Signs team years of experience participating and investing in, as well as advising, small high technology businesses. She is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from INSEAD with substantial knowledge of product development, launching new products, marketing and manufacturing processes. She began her career with Proctor and Gamble. Phytl Signs takes up nearly all of her time but she is involved in other high growth businesses and encourages and supports other female entrepreneurs. She previously held senior management positions in the UK paper sector, including Managing Director of Donside Paper Mill and Commercial Director of UK Paper Group plc and worked as a business strategy consultant with Monitor Europe.

Nigel Wallbridge

Executive Chairman

A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in medical engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France…

Dr Nigel Wallbridge, the Tech Entrepreneur (Ph.D, MIMechE, MBA INSEAD) is an internationally renowned serial entrepreneur with extensive experience founding and growing companies in both North America and Europe. A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in medical engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France. Apart from his current work at Vivent, he is also an Executive Director of Nomad Digital Ltd and is on the board of a number of other technology businesses. He previously held senior managerial positions in the telecommunications industry, including CEO of Interoute, and President of Cable& Wireless Americas. He also lectured in medical engineering at the University of Leeds.

Caleb Carroll

Chief Information Officer

Problem solver by nature with more than 20 patents granted thus far. Caleb Carroll is an inventor and system architect with a broad range of experience in the Radio Frequency industry …

His leadership and technical contributions have been key to the success of a number of start-up companies. At Vivent he is using advanced machine learning techniques to interpret plant electrophysiology signals. He is creating machine learning models whilst keeping computer system requirements to reasonable levels.. His approach is innovative and very effective.

Andrzej Kurenda

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Andrzej Kurenda has worked for over 10 years in plant electrophysiology and molecular biology research. As well as extensive experience in electrophysiology …

He brings in-depth knowledge of molecular biology and microscopy to Vivent’s team. His strong analytical and data processing skills enable him to quickly gain insights from the large data sets in Vivent’s world leading plant electrophysiology library. He holds a PhD from Marie Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin Poland and worked as a post doctorate fellow in Prof. Edward Farmer’s laboratory at the University of Lausanne and as a researcher at the Institute of Agrophysics in Lublin Poland. He has a strong publishing record and 1 patent for a device used to assess fruit and vegetable quality.

Nick Barker

Chief Technology Officer

Nick has worked in many sectors including oil and gas, nuclear power, road transportation, rail transportation, aerospace, food production and agriculture…

Nick Barker (MA Engineering, MBA) has spent many years making computers interact in real time with the real world, and has invented and developed applications and systems ranging from safety critical monitoring systems, to mobile communications systems, indoor positioning systems and process control. Nick has worked in many sectors including oil and gas, nuclear power, road transportation, rail transportation, aerospace, food production and agriculture. Nick brings to Vivent a rich base of experience and skills – which bridge the gap between analogue domain of real world plants and the digital domain of today’s Internet of Things. This includes interdisciplinary research and algorithm development, systems architecture and development, digital signal processing, data acquisition, and modern communications technologies.

Oliver Bourhis

Marketing and Product Development

Olivier has over 30 years of experience in strategy, business development, marketing and sales. He launches emerging players in the tech sector by designing effective strategies and value propositions…

He is a member of the strategic committee at Sud Telecom Paris and has conducted an extensive number of international assignments for Fortune 500 companies in Europe, Asia and in the Americas. Olivier has held international business development functions with Cable & Wireless, TeleBilling A/S (Denmark) and Orga Systems (Germany), Nomad Digital and others. He has an MBA from the EAP-ESCP School of Management in Paris.

Hubert Knulst

Business Development

Hubert’s background is in sales and marketing. Over the past 25 years he has been involved in starting and building up a number of companies that are notable for their innovative technologies and business models…

The process of researching, discovering and applying new ideas and concepts to business are what drive Hubert. He believes innovation should be in the DNA of management bringing energy to companies and their employees, this will attract talent and offer opportunity for sustainable growth to businesses.

Marina Martin Curran

Sustainability Manager

Marina started her career in international development at the intersection of agriculture, animal health and impact assessment…

She has worked as a consultant since 2001 in areas relating to sustainability: from environmental reporting to assessing community investments for corporate clients. She holds the first PhD in corporate social responsibility from the University of Edinburgh. More recently she has lectured and worked on start-ups in the textile and clean energy sectors.

Thomas Meacham

Machine Learning Engineer

Having lived and breathed all phases of Machine Learning pipelines, Thomas Meacham uses his knowledge to develop state of the art models used to decipher and predict the internal state of plants at Vivent…

As well as his experience developing and deploying models, distributed streaming pipelines, and architecting backend infrastructure, Thomas brings a strong DevOps and Agile culture to the team, which he approaches with the same rigour he applies to his ones and zeros.


Alja van der Schuren

Plant Physiology Scientist

Dr. Alja van der Schuren started as a biotechnologist at Wageningen University and Research, where she realised how much she loves research in plants…

In order to satisfy her curiosity, she came to Lausanne for a PhD in root development on a new model plant for wheat. Having developed and optimised many research protocols by herself and having worked on extremely time-consuming and slow plant processes, she decided it was time to move to fast-paced industry, where also teamwork was more essential. She focused on the research of new fungicides and biological coatings to protect fruits. Now, to dive back into plant research and acquire new skills in programming, she joined Vivent as a Plant Physiologist. She uses her expertise in plant development and enthusiasm for teamwork to connect the machine-learning team, plant research, data analysis, costumer reporting and student projects.

Sandro Lecci

Data Scientist

Dr. Sandro Lecci is a neuroscientist and data analyst with a strong expertise in signal processing and electrophysiological recordings…

He holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Lausanne where he investigated novel methodological and analytical approaches to analyze the brain electrical activity during sleep. He also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the sleep research center of the CHUV where he studied the electrophysiological correlates of insomnia states. He decided to further deepen his analytical and data processing skills and obtained an EPFL certification in applied data science and machine learning. He brings his joint knowledge of signal processing and development of machine learning algorithms to Vivent’s team.

Natalia Voltchkova

Financial Manager

A qualified management accountant with an MBA from IMD, Switzerland, with a strong background in management consulting and financial & HR management systems…

Natalia Voltchkova (Msc,MBA, Advanced diploma Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) has substantial experience of working with a wide range of organisations from Start-ups to NGOs through to large Corporations. She also brings to Vivent her extensive knowledge of setting up & managing financial accounting, HR,quality control and sales management systems.


Vivent is enthusiastic about collaborating with other individuals and organizations active in harnessing biosignals for both medical solutions and plant monitoring.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating on this exciting process.