The field of plant electrophysiology has been studied for over 100 years but progress interpreting plant signals was limited. Now Vivent, other companies, and leading researchers are making major progress at decoding these signals and relating them to specific plant responses.

Vivent’s biosensors are designed specifically for capturing plant signals and work with both soft stemmed and woody species and both large and small plants.

Plant scientists can carry out experiments in laboratory or field conditions. Sensors can be leased or purchased and we provide access to an intuitive, interactive analytics dashboard to visualize signals and carry out statistical and machine learning analyses. Scientists have access to a LiveView of their plant signals remotely so monitoring experiments can be done from anywhere.

“For this study, strawberry plants were infected by thrips, the contamination of which could be detected after only 2 days with an electrophysical sensor. This means a significant time saving compared with visual inspection.”

Wageningen University Research


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