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Data-driven cultivation is hot. Since knowledge is power, sensors and cameras play a crucial role in this. At Tomatoworld in the Netherlands, they are busy with this full-time, testing the latest techniques. Grower Nico Ammerlaan views and assesses the monitoring equipment’s results. He is always in the greenhouse, watching how the crops react. It is an interesting subject because so much is possible.

Rijk Zwaan, Enza Zaden, Bayer De Ruiter Seeds, and Harmoniz are having 31 tomato varieties representing all segments grown in Tomatoworld's greenhouse.

And there is still much to discover. Gakon Netafim, Eatthis, and Tomatoworld invite visitors (investors) to hop on a bus to Greentech to take a look. On June 14, it will leave from the Rai in Amsterdam. Reuven Losh (Gakon Netafim), Miranda van den Ende (Tomatoworld), and Aart van den Bos (Eatthis) will receive guests and offer a sneak peek of what is on display in Tomatoworld’s field lab.

Knowing what goes on in a plant's root zone is vital for optimal watering in the greenhouse. SenseNL's wireless CARA MET sensor provides that insight. By taking better, more accurate, reliable measurements in the substrate slab, growers can perfect their water management, greatly increasing their production and quality.

What exactly happens in a plant’s root zone is still a mystery to many. Yet, growers must know what goes on in the substrate or soil. Using detailed, reliable data on EC, water content, and temperature, they can optimize their irrigation and fertilization strategy, potentially raising the crop to a higher level. After all, knowledge is power.

The tomatoes are still hanging on the plant. When is the best time to harvest? It takes a lot of time for someone to walk along the paths, counting and assessing the tomatoes for ripeness. Plus, during cultivation and at harvest, you want to be sure you will have enough tomatoes of the correct quality to sell. That is why the Plantalyzer was developed. This unique instrument does accurate harvesting forecasts.

Nico Ammerlaan is Tomatoworld's grower.

Vivent's biosensor detects stressors in a plant's internal workings long before symptoms appear. By monitoring crop health, growers can tell when plants are growing well or are stressed and underperforming. They can, for example, adapt to pests and diseases or other suboptimal conditions. Vivent's biosensors notify growers in real-time when their plants are stressed.

Tomatoworld fully supports digitization and is working hard to install a 5G network. That will allow for even faster, better communication.

The ‘Growing to a new future of food: Investing in our planet’ event will be on Wednesday, June 14. The bus departs from the Rai at 14.00, but you can take private transportation to the venue. The event starts at 15:00 for 15.30 and ends at 18:00. Use this link to register for the June 14 tour.

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