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Anthony Schluchin, Electrical Engineer, HEIA, Fribourg, Switzerland

Born in Switzerland , Anthony studied for an apprenticeship at EMF Fribourg before undertaking a BSc in Electrical Engineering at HEIA Fribourg. He’s currently studying for an MSc in Embedded Systems at HES-SO Lausanne at the same time as working at the iPrint Institute.

One of his major projects at HEIA has involved working with Vivent under Electronics expert Professor Marco Mazza, helping to design the next generation PhytlSigns device. He’s been looking at ways of improving the device’s performance and energy consumption. He says that although he’s not a Biologist he’s been intrigued by seeing the electrical signals in plants for himself and how they change according to external stimuli.

The internet is now a well established route for scientists worldwide to keep up with and share the latest knowledge but in Anthony’s opinion one of bigger changes in the Research world has been the increasing use of very specialised, focussed forums for solving particular technology problems. As well as being populated by fellow scientists, these forums are often run by companies providing a particular technology and can result in them implementing product revisions based on the feedback from the forum.

Thinking about the future, not surprisingly given his passion is Embedded Systems, Anthony thinks that the next big thing will be embedded systems in everything and everywhere, making things faster, more powerful, better connected and smaller.

When he finishes his MSc in Lausanne he is off to Hawaii to work for the renowned “Watchman” program.  He’s a lucky guy!

We are really enjoying collaborating with Anthony and are grateful for his fast and insightful work on PhytlSigns. We wish him well as he completes his studies at HES-SO Lausanne and on his new adventure in America.

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