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I spoke to Nigel Wallbridge shortly after his meeting with Penny Sarchet at New Scientist magazine.  I asked Nigel how the meeting went.  His response was not optimistic.  Nigel explained that Penny was a plant geneticist and that she was very sceptical about plant electrophysiology and therefore our system which detects plant signals.

Nigel left one of our Phytl Signs EXPLORER kits with Penny to try out and apparently, a little hands-on experimentation was all it took for a paradigm shift.  The next day, Nigel received a phone call from Penny asking for exclusive rights to publish the Phytl Signs story!

Scepticism is natural, healthy and a necessity for good science.  We would like to encourage everyone (even sceptics) to pick up one of our Phytl Signs EXPLORER kits and try it out for themselves.  A limited supply is currently available for a CHF 1500 pledge of support to our KickStarter campaign.

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