BESP Explorer

Comprehensive toolkit for theoretical and applied research into electrical signaling within and between biological entities. Easy to use, integrated package including electrodes, record and playback cards, filters and amplifiers as well as signal analysis and processing tools. Compatible with major data collection, storage and processing software.

Designed for

Academic or health related research institutions investigating bioelectric signaling, bioelectrodynamics, bioelectromagnetics at either the cellular or entity level.


  • Revolutionize medical research in bioelectric signaling.
  • Contribute to the development of ground breaking electroceutical therapies and treatments.
  • Attract government and European research funding in collaboration with a commercial venture.
  • Share in leading edge, cross discipline data cleaning, filtering, analysis and manipulation techniques.
  • Add real value to commercially viable medical therapies.

Potential research topics

  • Bioelectric mechanisms in presence or absence of external electrostatic or electromagnetic stimulation.
  • Entity wide and environmental Radio Frequency (RF) or other bioelectric signaling in humans, animals and plants.
  • Effects of nano biotechnology and neuro electronic prototypes.
  • Bioelectromagnetism.


  • Suitable for research on vertebrates, some invertebrates and plants.
  • Desktop computer sized unit.
  • Integrated package but easily customizable to most research applications.


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