Discover the language of plants with Phytl Signs Explorer

Over the last twenty years science has made huge progress in detecting electrical communication in plants. This is the “internet of Plants”.  Leading plant research laboratories around the world have learned that plants communicate internally using pulses of electricity that can spread through the entire plant.

Plants don’t have nerves, like animals do, but they too communicate electrically.  The Phytl signs Explorer kit, a new low cost device from Vivent, the bio-signal specialists, allows you to listen in on your favourite plants.  Find out how they respond to changes in their environment and get to know your plants’ signals.

  • Is my plant healthy?
  • Is it suffering from water stress?
  • Does it like the lighting or temperature levels?
  • How can I improve the way I look after it?
  • Is my plant behaving the same way as other people’s plants?

Until now plant bio-signals could only be measured using expensive laboratory equipment. Vivent has used innovative electronic and computing technology to allow everyone to listen in on plant signals. Vivent’s team is developing equipment and protocols for harnessing the `internet of plants’. This pioneering bio-signal technology, currently only available in leading research laboratories, will soon be accessible to plant lovers in their own homes and students in their classrooms.

The Phytl Signs Explorer Kit will enable you to gain unique insights into your plants. You will get to know and be able to respond to their signals and care for them better than ever. By sharing what you learn with the on-line Explorer community you can also contribute to decoding the language of plants.

The Phytl Signs Explorer Kit enables people to connect with the natural world in a whole new way and is of interest to plant, garden and technology enthusiasts as well as to teachers, especially those keen on integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines with life sciences.

By joining a global community of people using the Phytl Signs Explorer you will be a pioneer in decoding plants’ electrical signals.

The Phytl Signs Explorer Kit comes as a compact battery powered unit that can be attached to a planter or left close to your plant.  A leaf clip and a ground stake are used to monitor the electrical signals your plant is emitting. The Phytl Signs Explorer Kit has a power switch, and another switch to turn the audible signals on or off as well as a volume control. You can communicate with The Phytl Signs Explorer Kit using a smart phone and the the Phytl Signs Explorer Kit App and then you will be able to see the history of your plants’ communication signals.

The App allows you to share information about your plant with the global community of Explorer users and discuss the unique insights you are gaining into plant communication.

The Phytl Signs Explorer allows you to understand your plants’ state of health. You can try new strategies to keep your plant healthy and see almost immediate feedback. By sharing your results online with other interested Explorer users you will be helping conduct ground breaking research into the internal communication of plants.