Vivent SARL, a pioneer in harnessing bio-signals, is a Swiss based, privately held company founded in 2012. We are focussed on improving health outcomes of both people and plants utilizing high frequency electrical signals unique to each individual or plant type.

We conduct theoretical research on bio-signals supported by DARPA under the RadioBio program. The program aims to establish whether functional signaling via electromagnetic waves between biological cells exists and, if it does, to determine what mechanisms are involved and what information is being transferred.

Vivent is developing products and services for two distinct sectors.

The Medical Solutions division is developing products and services for researchers, health care providers and individuals, based on the recording of electrical signals emitted by individuals and the subsequent manipulation and playback of these signals. Vivent’s focus is on non-neural electrical signalling and it has a patent pending on the use of measured electrical signals as the basis for electroceutical therapies. Our pioneering work in plant electrical signalling has given us unique insights into the nature of non-neural electrical signalling in multi-cellular organisms and we believe that particular signal elements may be common to both plants and animals. .

The Plant Monitoring division is developing biosensors and related services for academic, agricultural and industrial plant researchers, professional plant growers and eventually for plant enthusiasts who want to listen in, and help decode, the language of plants in order to provide growing conditions that result in healthy, vital plants. Expertise in electrical signal recording and processing has been coupled with unique data processing techniques to develop an exciting set of products that will very likely yield fascinating insights into the world of plants. By building on our understanding of what plants are communicating we can better meet their needs and help ensure the ecosystem that supports us all is thriving.

Dr Nigel Wallbridge
Ph.D, MIMechE, MBA
Executive Director

Nigel Wallbridge is an internationally renowned serial entrepreneur with extensive experience founding and growing companies in both North America and Europe. A chartered engineer, he holds a doctoral degree in medical engineering from the University of Leeds in the UK and also an MBA from INSEAD, France.

Apart from his current work at Vivent, he is also currently an Executive Board Member at TeleRail Networks Ltd and is on the board of a number of other technology businesses. He previously held senior managerial positions in the telecommunications industry, including CEO of Interoute, and President of Cable & Wireless Americas. He also lectured in medical engineering at the University of Leeds.

Carrol Plummer
P.Eng, BSc Mechanical Engineering, MBA
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Carrol Plummer brings to Vivent years of experience participating and investing in, as well as advising, small high technology businesses. She is a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA from INSEAD with substantial knowledge of product development, launching new products, marketing and manufacturing processes.

In addition to her work at Vivent she is involved in a number of other high growth businesses and encourages and supports other female entrepreneurs. She previously held senior management positions in the UK paper sector, including Managing Director of Donside Paper and Commercial Director of UK Paper Group plc and worked as a business strategy consultant with Monitor Europe..

Lynn Raven
BSc Maths, Statistics & Computer Science
Director of Consumer Product Development

Lynn Raven is a highly experienced consumer insight and research specialist, with a long career in several FMCG companies in Europe and Asia. She has extensive experience of the consumer product development cycle, from idea generation techniques to final product testing, advertising and retail marketing.

Caleb Carroll
Systems, Design and Intellectual Property

Caleb Carroll is an inventor and system architect with a broad range of experience in the RF industry. His leadership and technical contributions have been key to the success of a number of start-up companies.

In addition to his work at Vivent, Caleb is currently providing intellectual property and network consulting services in both North America and Europe.

Nick Barker
Nick Barker
MA Engineering, MBA

Nick Barker (MA Engineering, MBA) has spent many years making computers interact in real time with the real world, and has invented and developed applications and systems ranging from safety critical monitoring systems, to mobile communications systems, indoor positioning systems and process control. Nick has worked in many sectors including oil and gas, nuclear power, road transportation, rail transportation, aerospace, food production and agriculture.

Nick brings to Vivent a rich base of experience and skills – which bridge the gap between analogue domain of real world plants and the digital domain of today’s Internet of Things. This includes interdisciplinary research and algorithm development, systems architecture and development, digital signal processing, data acquisition, and modern communications technologies.

Vivent is looking for entrepreneurial individuals to join our team. If Vivent sounds like a company with whom you’d like to work please submit your resume letting us know how you think you could contribute.

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Vivent is enthusiastic about collaborating with other individuals and organizations active in harnessing biosignals for both medical solutions and plant monitoring.

Please email us at if you are interested in collaborating on this exciting process.